I love food, all kinds of food, from different corners of the world. I like trying new flavours, I like cooking (when I have the time), sharing recipes with people and sharing my food I cooked with my friends and family. I also love to go to restaurant to try someone else’s food. I have often been told that I am a good cook and everything I make tastes good.

The only problem for me was the calories. The guilt I had after eating a rich meal spoiled it all. The dishes were good because there was some cream, some butter or some sugar which added extra flavour. I felt very guilty cooking dishes high in calories because they were fried or creamy, and giving it to the people I love didn’t make me feel better. So, I stopped and I educated myself on nutrition and changed some of my habits. I still eat naughty here and there, as we only live once and life is to be enjoyed, but I learned to reduce calories in dishes. We all know that cooking with a high content of fat, salt and sugar is bad for our health and develops all kinds of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure…. the list is rather long, so why can’t we stop?

We can prevent some of these diseases. I believe that we are what we eat and that food is medicine. I do not understand people who skip a meal, will have a carrot stick for lunch or will have a shake as a substitute for food. Food tastes good! right? Why would you want to restrict yourself so much when you can still have it? Maybe because when we start eating it we can’t always stop? That’s the hardest part of losing weight… MOTIVATION! I am very lucky to have a mum who always cooked meals from scratch, there were no takeaways in my parent’s house and fizzy drinks were only for special occasions. The ingredients my mum used in her cooking were varied and tasty without the calories. The only problem being French, was that baguettes were eaten at every meal too, and too much bread is not great if you want to have a nice figure. I worked really hard to earn my certificate in Nutrition and Weight consultancy. I can now advise and give you a healthy diet plan with all the vitamins and nutrients necessary to keep you at your best.